Universal Slide Jig

Universal Slide Jig

I’ve tried all kinds of jigs for installing drawer slides, none to my satisfaction. But my new jig holds the drawer slides right where I want while I install them.

You can make this jig for any size cabinet. For standard base cabinets, cut four strips of plywood. Cut two of the strips for the base and the crossbar; cut the other two long for the legs.

Next rout long slots into the legs, so the jig is infinitely adjustable. Then, glue and screw the legs to the base, offsetting them from the base’s edge so the crossbar sits flat against the cabinet side even when you have a slide mounted on the cabinet’s bottom.

The crossbar spans the two legs and is held in place with bolts and jig knobs. Counterbore the bolts so they don’t scratch the cabinet sides. The jig extends past the front of the cabinet so you can get at the front slide screws.

To use the jig, mark your drawer heights at the front and back of the cabinet. Stand the jig in the cabinet and position the crossbar to hold the first slide. Then just flip the jig around to the other side to install the first slide’s mate.

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