How to design a kitchen cabinet size

The kitchen is an important area of the home, the kitchen cabinets are a very important part of it in the kitchen of the functions of water, electricity, storage, gas and other skillfully combined, will greatly facilitate our daily lives . Customized whole cabinet, depending on the size of the kitchen need to be, do not know a lot of friends in the decoration of the whole cabinet custom, there will be a lot of confusing questions, then the size of the kitchen the whole cabinet in the end should be how to design it? Check it out together!

First, the height of the cabinet design

In the design of the whole cabinet, the height of the cabinet should be appropriate, not too high nor too low. Cabinet height from the ground is generally 70cm to about 80cm, this level, you can make when cooking to reduce the degree of bending, can effectively relieve lower back fatigue. The height of the kitchen stove is generally 70cm or so, and now basically the kitchen gas stove and cabinets inlaid together, therefore, in the purchase of gas stove, gas stove embedded select the style, and keep kitchen surfaces and cupboards planar Qi can not only make the kitchen look more beautiful, when in use, but also more smoothly.

Second, the size of the wall cabinet design

In order to increase the storage space of the kitchen, in the design of the kitchen cabinets, the general will be to design a set of kitchen wall cabinets to store debris. Distance between wall cabinets and cooking sets to keep at least 55cm, in order to avoid hitting people in the head when the kitchen activities. Kitchen wall cabinet height is generally about 50cm to 60cm, can not be too efficient use of space, too short can not play a good role in housing. In order to facilitate everyday use, wall cabinet width is generally no more than 70cm, and the depth is generally at about 30cm to 45cm.

Third, the overall design of the cabinet

More common cabinet layout, there are three, namely, a font design, L and U-shaped design design. The choice of style cabinet, generally be determined according to the specific circumstances of different kitchens. In addition, data such as the height of the cabinet is not a set of values is absolutely determined to make the appropriate adjustments based on the most frequently used kitchen’s height, arm length and other data in order to make use of the kitchen is more humane, more comfortable.

Fourth, the cabinet purchase considerations

When you purchase cabinets, countertops must pay attention to the price of materials and sheet metal cabinets, the quality of both, have a great impact on the quality of the cabinet, the cabinet table is usually chosen more for the stone material, the thickness of stone generally 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and so on several specifications, different specifications of stone countertops, there are big differences in the prices. In addition, the quality of the cabinet hardware is also very important, these hardware accessories not only affects the life of the cabinet, but also affect our daily use of comfort.

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