Free Kitchen Design

Regardless of your style, the kitchen is where everything happens. Let Icon Kitchens help you transform your space with a truly custom design that meets your specifications, style and standards. From custom kitchen cabinets to custom storage solutions for the whole home, we’ll design, build and install the necessary elements to suit your space and budget.

Other Cabinet Designs

  • Offices: Comfort and productivity are essential qualities in a home office. Icon Kitchens can help you achieve both. We’ll design, build and install a custom home office design that suits your style and budget. So whether you’re running a home business or surfing the internet, Icon Kitchens can create a home office that will meet all your needs.
  • Laundry Rooms: Detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, whites, dark, brights – organization is the name of the game in the laundry room. Icon Kitchens can design, build and install a custom laundry unit that makes doing laundry a breeze. Whether a large room or small closet, we can create a unit that fits your space and your life.
  • Vanities: Transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa with a custom designed vanity from Icon Kitchens. Whatever your style, we can design, build and install bespoke bathroom solutions to transform your bathroom into your favorite room.
  • Walk-In Closets: Let Icon Kitchens help you clear the clutter with a custom designed walk-in closet. We can help you maximize storage space for maximum peace of mind.
  • Wine Cellars: Whatever the size of your space, Icon Kitchens can provide a custom storage solution. Whether you’re a serious wine collector or just getting started, we can provide a solution that’s as finely crafted as your favorite vintage.
  • Wall Units: Need additional storage? Let Icon Kitchens create a custom storage solution for whatever you need: books, media, kids’ toys, and more. We can create a sophisticated custom storage solution to complement your home.:
  • Commercial Projects: Coffee, Sushi, retail, resturant and other possibilities, at Icon Kitchens, we’re not limited to residential projects. If you’re opening a new shop or office, we can design, build and install a custom solution that meets your high standards and the standards of your clients and customers.

We Design and Build Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Kitchen Cabinet Making Tools
  2. Kitchen Cabinet Anatomy
  3. Face Frame Cabinetry
  4. Building Upper Cabinets
  5. Building Base Cabinets
  6. Pantry and Microwave Cabinets
  7. Special Cabinets and Accessories
  8. Making Cabinet Doors and Drawers
  9. Designing and Building Kitchen Islands
  10. Customizing Your Kitchen
  11. Countertops
  12. Traditional Frame-and-Panel Construction for Cabinets
  13. Finishing Cabinets
  14. Creating Material Lists and Cutting Plans
  15. Shop Assembly Procedures
  16. Complete Cabinet Installation

Residencial and Commercial Custom Kitchen Design:

  1. G shape kitchen
  2. Sushi Shop Commercial Kitchen,
  3. Commercial Kitchen Specification