Ultimate Countertops Guide for Auckland Kitchen Making Market

All About Kitchen Countertops & Benchtops in Auckland Kitchen Cabinet Making Market:

  1. Engineered Stone (check the wiki link if you want to know about it) is a composite slab stone made up of approximately 90% crushed Quartz stone bound together by a polymer resin. It may also have other materials like colored glass, shells, metals, or mirrors added for aesthetic reasons. It can be used in all the same places as other slab stones like Granite and Marble, but is primarily chosen for kitchen and bathroom counter tops.
    Engineered Stone products are gaining in popularity and are sometimes preferred over natural stone products because this man made version of slab stone is more resilient. Compared to unsealed granite, it has better resistance to stains as it is completely non-porous. This means that liquids spilled on the surface are not able to soak into the stone, therefore in most cases can be removed with a recommended surface cleaner. These non-porous properties also make it a more hygienic choice for public wet areas. Engineered Stone is also typically more uniform in structure than natural stones, adding superior strength to its core values. Don’t be misled, however by thin laminate stone over MDF or wooden benchtops, ask for solid, 100% stone for luxury that will last. There are several ranges of Composite Stone available, in varying contemporary and elegant shades to compliment your Interior Design.
    ✩ Whether it is Primestone, Caesarstone, Silestone or another Engineered Stone you have seen and love; with very special care and unsurpassed attention to detail, we would love to turn it into your dream stone surface.
  2. Granite is the most popular natural stone and countertop material due to its versatility and superior performance characteristics. Granite is the second hardest stone known to man. It is believed to have been formed as long as 300 million years ago. It polishes beautifully, will not fade and is almost maintenance free. It is easy to clean and is one of the most beautiful countertop materials available on the market today. It can withstand extremely high temperatures and when properly installed it is virtually indestructible. So if beauty, durability, value, ease of care and safety are important factors in your buying decision, welcome to the world of Granite.
    Granite is composed primarily of feldspar, quartz, and mica. It may also contain hints of muscovite, biotite, hornblende, and pyroxene and other minerals. These minerals are what give it its various colors. Granite is drilled and blasted from the quarry in large blocks, cut into slabs by a gang saw, and polished to uniform thickness by automatic polishing machines. It is cut and fabricated into countertops using diamond saw blades and bits; Granite (wiki).
    ✩Granite Selections: Black Range, Brown & Red Range, Cream & Gold Range, Green Range, Grey & Blue Range, White Range
  3. Marble countertops are some of the most beautiful stone countertops in the world. The stone used for marble countertops is extracted from a limited number of quarries around the world and the process for turning the stone into a viable countertop material takes precision and skill to retain the natural beauty of the stone.
    One of the biggest benefits to choosing a marble countertop for the home is the natural beauty of the stone. Marble is considered to be one of the most attractive building materials in the world, used throughout the ages in palaces, castles, and mansions and recently being added to our family homes. Although the price of a marble countertop is still considered to be one of the most expensive countertop materials on the market today, the price of marble slabs have actually become more affordable in price over the years.
    Marble is one of the most elegant and luxurious of stones. Marble’s beauty will last for generations. It is versatile enough for use throughout the house, such as fireplace facings, ornamental furnishings, walls and window sills. The natural depth and character cannot be matched by any man-made surface. For the ultimate elegance and luxury, choose Marble.
    ✩Marble Selections: Bianco CarraraEmperadorBeige SerpenteArabescato Marble

Laminate Countertops

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